sagrada familia

Sagrada Familia
The "Sagrada Familia" undoubtedly someone is the monument most visited in Barcelona and in Spain.

The beginning of the project dates back of the year 1882, when a brilliant Antoni Gaudí placed the first stone in the one that would be his posthumous work.

The "Sagrada Familia" breathes for four sides, the maximum symbolism of the architectural world of the brilliant architect.

Considered as the cathedral of the poor, it owes his financing exclusively, to the alms contributed by the visitors and the donations.

Thanks to the increase of both contributions, it is believed that it will be completed in the year 2026.

Its impressive twelve towers symbolize the apostles, and the future central tower will symbolize Jesus Christ.

Besides being a place of worship of Christianity, it is not necessary to stop visiting the Temple, for the amount of corners, areas, rooms, etc., where in each one there are spectacular works of art in all kinds of styles.