la pedrera

"La Pedrera"
The House Milà, called popularly " La Pedrera ", was constructed by the brilliant Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí in the year 1906. There received Pere Milà's order i Camps, attorney, manufacturer and politician of the epoch.

It is the 6th most visited monument in Barcelona, but the principle was not very good, among other things, the city council sanctioned the work for not fulfilling the initial project, its unique and groundbreaking style at the time, made other architects of the time criticize.

Their noble homes, as well as their different accesses, give the building the qualification of architectural work of art. It has an attic with incredible architectural ideas and its terraces, make it unique in the whole world.

You cannot stop visiting this building of housings, where Gaudí demonstrated once again his imagination and constructive inventiveness.

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